Installing a Wallas heater

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Grace came with a 15,000 BTU air conditioner that could also heat, but was extremely inefficient, loud, and required AC power. It also did not draw air in from outside, if left on overnight, you could wake up feeling like a prune.

I had always been interested in the Wallas line of diesel heaters after seeing Pacific NW Boater’s review of them and hearing things from fellow boaters, so I took the plunge and installed one.

Top reasons I went with Wallas:

  • DIY install
  • Ultra quiet
  • Air circulation
  • Low amp draw
  • Scan Marine support

DIY Install

Since I do most of my projects myself, it was important that I could do this install without huge efforts, and avoiding thousands of dollars for a “marine installer” to do the job. The previous owner of Grace paid to have an air conditioner installed, which I have since had to correct multiple major problems with. The invoices for the installers work totaled over $2000 for work that actually put pipes and other things at risk near the stove, and left sawdust and leavings inside every space they worked in, 2+ years later.

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