Hiding out in Bottleneck Inlet


Our overall plan is to move south but to take our time and enjoy some of our favorite anchorages along the Central Coast as we do. So, we left Bishop Bay Wednesday morning and made our way down Princess Royal Reach, through Heikish Narrows, down Finlayson Channel and into Bottleneck Inlet for the night: we’d start there.

The forecast for the weekend wasn’t the best and we decided to wait out an approaching low and trough rather than continue to Shearwater – the protection would be a lot better. The barometer was falling and rain was on its way, but it was still nice on Thursday so I spent some time in the kayak and talked with another couple on a boat that had just arrived. They used to live in Sitka and spend every summer inAlaska. They said it was the best season weather-wise they’ve had for years . . . I’m pretty sure they were delusional.

On Friday, the heavens opened and it rained down in buckets. The barometer was steady at 1003 Mb (down from 1014 Mb) and we hoped for the best. The wind blew a bit during the day but the protection is so good inside Bottleneck that we hardly noticed. Our Alaskan neighbors stayed put along with us but were off and running again on Saturday morning despite the barometer having fallen to 987 Mb overnight.

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