Building a better boat office

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Now that I’m working remotely, I decided that I need a dedicated desk area, designed ergonomically, to support my marathon writing and programming endeavors. I’d been casing the starboard, aft quarter berth as the potential site of my new desk area. To be honest, I’ve been trying to imagine a desk in this corner of the boat for the better part of two years.

To date, the quarter berth has been used largely for storage. A huge cushion covered the access to three storage lockers. Above the cushion, a plywood divider created a backrest and a storage area behind it. Creating a desk area meant I’d have to sacrifice some storage space.

My original design was to cut out two of the three lockers, build a two-piece sliding desk area that would fold down under the cubby, and a chair that would have my feet facing aft. After taking every object and cushion out of the corner, I pondered the wisdom of this plan over a couple cocktails.

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