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We are the leading online publication providing local boating news, community and resources in the Pacific Northwest. Our readers are your customers.

We have six readers in Bermuda. Everyone else is right here, ready to buy from you.

We have six readers in Bermuda. Everyone else is right here, ready to buy from you.

Why advertise online?


  • Online is where your customers look for solutions – A whopping 97 percent of American consumers research local purchases via online media before buying. Those are your customers, looking at our website, before they buy. Are they going to see your ad here, or one for your competitor?
  • Our audience is wealthier and more likely to make purchases than readers of print media – Internet users are, on average, wealthier and better educated. They can afford your products or services … if they know you’re there.
  • Search is supreme – Your business may have a website, but what are you doing are get people — your existing and potential customers — to visit it? Three Sheets Northwest ranks highly in all online search engines for Pacific Northwest boating; our articles are some of the top links. Your website is lost in a crowd, but ads on Three Sheets Northwest put you in front of consumers and help build your brand among your target audience. So when they’re ready to buy, your company is top of mind.
  • Bring readers directly to your business– Ads on Three Sheets Northwest are linked directly to advertisers’ websites, making it easy for customers to get to your site with one easy click.
  • Make a bigger splash – Online ads can be much more dynamic and interesting than print campaigns. Use color, graphics, animation and even video to grab readers’ attention, build awareness of your business and improve sales.
  • Online advertising offers greater flexibility and instant action – Instead of submitting your ad to a print publication and waiting weeks for it to appear, you can have an ad up on Three Sheets Northwest in minutes. Don’t think it’s working? Change it. Right now. In your underwear. Want to offer a special to help drive business during a slow week? No problem. You can finally be as nimble in your advertising are you are on the water.


Reach more than 20,000 Pacific Northwest boaters each month

  • Fast – Get started in minutes, not months!
  • Affordable – Plans starting as low as $150.
  • Economical – You know exactly how many people are seeing ads online, and what their demographics are.

Get started now:

Just drop us a note in the contact form below and we’ll send you our rate card and detailed audience demographics. Once we have set up an account for you, you can directly to our ad management page to change or manage your ads anytime.

If you need a hand or want more information, we are always available to help.

Not sure what you need?

We understand that online advertising and sponsored content are a brave new world for the marine industry. Nautical tradition and custom are hard to break away from, and you want to run your business, not think about advertising.

The Three Sheets Crew can help. For a fee, we can help produce and edit your content, we can arrange for graphic design for your ads, and we can do it quickly and professionally.

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Beyond advertising

If it’s true that no one buys anything without researching it in the marine world anymore, it’s also true that research doesn’t mean looking at ads. Readers look at articles. Our articles.

You can build your audience, your trust and your authority by placing sponsored content on Three Sheets Northwest.

We don’t try to pull a fast one on our readers: sponsored content is clearly identified as such.

But if you deliver informative, useful, professional advice, with your business name all over it, customers remember that. And you stay at the top of their list when it comes time to go buy from a pro.

If you would like to get in touch with us about the possibility of placing sponsored content in Three Sheets Northwest, please fill out the contact form above. We’ll be in touch!


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